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Welcome to the world of fitness and wellness, where every challenge becomes a stepping stone toward greatness.

My Philosophy

Holistic Wellness

My comprehensive perspective highlights the significance of fitness, the enhancement of metabolic health, and the cultivation of greater mental resilience, all with a strong focus on prioritizing your overall well-being and vitality.

Physical Empowerment

My primary goal is to empower women by encouraging physical strength, promoting muscle growth, and making muscle stability a top priority.

Metabolic Health
Focusing on metabolic health is crucial. It’s important for everyone to be aware of their metabolic status. It’s essential to realize that metabolic issues can exist independently of weight challenges. 
Mental Resilience

Within my holistic approach, I incorporate mindfulness techniques, meditation, and positive affirmations. These tools empower you to reconnect with your inner self, reduce stress, and adapt to change.

Join me at MindBodyRaquel to unleash your inner strength, embrace the elegance of movement, and celebrate the beauty of unwavering physical power. Whether you’re seeking to enhance muscle strength, improve metabolic health, or find your inner source of strength, I am here to support and empower you on your transformative journey.


Starting Point
1 Month
  • Consultation
  • Four-week independent weight-training program
  • Weekly email feedback sessions
  • Mindset challenges
3 Months
  • Consultation
  • Structured weight training program
  • Weekly phone feedback sessions
  • Mindset challenges
  • Continuous glucose monitor – optional
Group Coaching
Coming Soon

Raquel Renda

I’m a resilient woman, a mom of two boys, and a businesswoman who firmly believes in second chances. Despite facing personal setbacks like injury and illness, my dedication to fitness has remained unwavering. My journey, marked by an early love for sports to overcoming a debilitating illness, has been one of determination and faith. It has empowered me to help others embrace movement and resilience. My mission is to inspire women to overcome obstacles with grace and perseverance, as they create their own transformation stories.

There is always more to live, more to love, and more to achieve…


3 Lessons to Move from Frozen to Free 

3 Lessons to Move from Frozen to Free 

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